What Type of Results are You Wanting?

Nothing compares to 1 on 1  training for the greatest results.  Unlike many other training groups, the QB Farm offers no waiting in line for your son's next turn to throw, and he receives 100% of Coach Gregory's attention. The QB training industry is growing on a daily basis and can be difficult to research and fully understand which coach knows how to actually teach and not just duplicate another coach's drills. Some coaches were good players during their playing days, but this doesn't always translate into being a good teacher or instructor.  

QB Farm Success Every Year - Speaks Volumes

Some QB training programs have great marketing skills with robust websites that showcase eye-popping camera angles and bright color apparel, which is a big hit with the kids.  Our type of marketing is simply .  We consistently produce successful quarterbacks who move on to be productive in Youth, High School and College.  All students dream about the playing in the NFL, however the odds of that happening are very slim for most.   In the past 14 years of coaching QBs full time, the one thing that stays consistent is that is It takes consistent hard work through training for days, months and years to achieve your goals.  

Beware of QB coaches who boast they coach multiple NFL QBs and call themselves "Guru".  Shaking hands and having one or two throwing sessions with a celebrity QB doesn't come close to building a QB from his youth years all the way to watching him at his College Senior day with his family at the D1 University he attended.(see pic)   If you want to truly maximize your investment and align your son for QB success, you should do your research and become loyal with the program that builds your son.

What To Expect on the Farm

A few of the reasons our students experience a high probability of success, is what we teach,  how we teach it, and the sequencing of our mechanics.  One of our marketing tag-lines over the years has been "Abilty Feeds Confidence", and that statement is absolutely true in more ways than one.  If a quarterback's base is solidly built early at the beginning of his training, the faster his confidence will grow. CONFIDENCE, is the "juice" all parents want for their sons!

Looking For the "Juice"

Building confidence requires 1 on 1 coaching attention. There is no way around this fact.   Private organization QB showcases, camps and competitions will do nothing for your son. Yes these events can be fun and exciting for younger QBs with cool shirts and celebrity autographs, but little else. They are an absolute waste of time and money if your son wants to be a successful QB.  However, College Camps are much different and should be a attended for all HS quarterbacks dreaming of playing in College. 

Long Term QB Training - Proven Success

Sure, there are a few training groups available with smaller fees, however they also offer smaller results.  As you click throughout this website and view the "QBF Success" page.  Please view each of the successful QBF students who committed to the QBF methods and trained through multiple session packages which required many months and/or years with Coach Gregory.  The collage picture next to  this paragraph are all long time QBF students who are either College QBs, High School All State selections  or State Champion QBs.  The Difference between the QB Farm and other QB training groups is simple, we build our success from scratch.