QB TRAINING testimonials

Parent - Illinois


Over the past 6 years we have turned a weekly session of QB training into a friendship.  I just wanted to say thank you for your passion toward Drake and his future. Its important to surround your kids with positive reinforcement and people that have their best interest in hand.  The hours of driving and training have been more than paid back in the success he has had on and off the field.  I believe the time he has spent training with you has helped shaped into the #1 ranked QB and 1st Team 8A All State quarterback in Illinois.    

Spencer Davis - Parent

Naperville, IL 

Parent - Wisconsin


Finding a quarterback coach is not an easy job, especially one you can trust. From the very first time I talked to Coach Gregory on the phone, I knew he was the right one to train our son. Coach Gregory has surpassed every expectation.  So much so, we drive over three and a half hours each way as many times a month as we can to provide our son the opportunity to work with him. Whether your son is a beginner or already a solid quarterback, Steve is able to work with him at his level and bring him to the next level.  His techniques and keen eye for detail are the keys to his success as a coach. Our son sees him as a role model and mentor and we are so very happy to have found such a knowledgeable coach. 

Gina O'Brien - Parent

Kaukauna, WI

D1 Head Football Coach


In my dealings with Steve, he has been nothing but professional. I think he does a great job supporting and promoting his QB's. My philosophy about the importance timing and precision in a QB are exactly the same as Steve's. It is great to see a teacher/coach helping young men with the key ingredients to being successful at the high school and college level. I know when recruiting Steve's players, I am going to get a guy who has been coached in a way that will actually make his transition to college football easier. For this reason, I think Steve will continue to produce solid quarterbacks for both the high school and college levels.

Tim Lester - Head Football Coach

Western Michigan Unversity

Parent - Arkansas


Coach Gregory is one of the few out there that is truly in it for the kids. His ability to teach complex football scenarios to the youngest quarterbacks is worth the price of admission in itself. He's very, very good at what he does.

 Justin Tackett - Parent

Little Rock, AR

Parents - Illinois


After working with our son over the past 4 years, we have witnessed a transformation from a 8th grader to a very confident 9th grader who was pulled up to start for the 10th grade team. After a very successful 10th grade year, our son started and lead his team to the Illinois 7A State Championship game. He lead his team during his Sr.year to a 9-2 Conference Championship. Brandon  signed a scholarship to Grand Valley State Univ. - Jim & Stacy Beitzel -  Parents

Geneva, IL

Former NFL Player & Coach


I have coached at the Division I collegiate level, Junior college level, and high school levels for the past 20 years. Coach Gregory is one of the finest coaches I have ever had the privilege of being associated with. Coach Gregory takes great pride in teaching his student-athletes sound fundamental technique and guides them through a progression of teaching that allows each student-athlete to excel at a rapid pace. Coach Gregory is not only a tremendous coach but also a wonderful person. Coach Gregory's character is above reproach.

Scott Kellar - Indianapolis Colts

D1 All American - NIU

Parent - Kentucky


Without question the learning experience you passed onto Austen was life changing.  Again, Austen is not the biggest for his age, but his commitment to being the best QB he can be, has been even greater fueled by the time spent with you.  His accuracy has improved and is throwing with more power and speed than he ever has before.  As a parent I thank you, and as an ex-football player, I certainly respect your instruction.  

Eric Hamelback - Parent

Adenda Springs, KY

Parent - Texas


We have been training with Coach Gregory for over 5 years, even though we live 2000 miles away.  We rely on Coach Gregory to give us clear and honest feedback during our trainings.  It's very simple, if you want a QB coach that cares about the individual player and overall long-term success then it's an absolute must to train with Coach Gregory. We know that without him we would not in the position we are in today. We highly recommend him as a coach and person.

Trent Hatch - Parent

El Paso, TX

Update: Kaleb was ranked in the top 20 QB's in the State of Texas his Sr year.  Kaleb is currently serving his two years of Missionary Service before pursuing College Football.

Parent - Illinois


Coach Gregory has worked with my son Steven individually over the past 8+ years.  Coach Gregory's fast feet, quick release methods have teams baffled as to how the QB gets the ball off so quickly and accurately. QBs at any level, in any type of offensive scheme, will benefit from his knowledge. My son led his 8th Grade team to a perfect 14-0  National Championship in Orlando Florida. He then became a 4 year letterman, 3-time All Conference, and IL All State Selection at 8A Oswego HS, IL. He received 15 D1 Football Scholarship offers and is now playing in College. Steven has accomplished great things and could not have without Coach Gregory.

Joe Frank - Parent

Oswego, IL

Parent - New York


Robbie and I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your training sessions. Robbie has attended several other quarterback training camps but your training goes way beyond where those camps left off. I was really impressed with your insight towards the mechanics of the quarterback position. I told my son for the last five years that there was something wrong with his throwing mechanics but I could not identify it. You identified it within the first five minutes. We highly recommend your training to any football player thinking about the quarterback position.  Our only regret is that we did not find you sooner.

Bob Singleton - Father

Niskayuna, New York.

Parents - Illinois


I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to Coach Gregory and what he's done with Ryan over the past 5 years. He has gained so much more from your instruction, on and off he field, as well as completely changing his throwing mechanics for the better.  If we, as his parents are going to help are son's passion for playing the QB position, we only want the best, and believe we have the best QB coach out there.  Coach Gregory has been a great role model for our son and continues to instill hard work does pays off.  We look forward to the next 5 years training with Steve and the QB Farm.

Mike & Leslie Renfro - Parents

Glen Ellyn, IL

Parent - Iowa


We travel nearly 3 hours for workout sessions with coach Gregory because he is genuinely and sincerely interested in the development of Johnny and all of his QB students. He does not just " go through the motions" to fill time at his training sessions like some of the other private coaches. We really appreciate his intense focus and "practice with purpose" system and Johnny has been able to convert coach Gregory's training into success on the field. We look forward to a long relationship with the Quarterback Farm. 

Dan Sullivan - Parent

Clinton, Iowa.

Update: Johnny led the state of Iowa in passing and is now a QB at UNI

Parent - Virginia


Our son began working with coach Gregory two years ago and has made and continues to make remarkable progress. Steve's results-producing techniques and positive coaching style have encouraged our son to work even harder and learn more. Parents of young QBs are fortunate to have a professional resource like Steve to provide knowledgeable and effective coaching. I would encourage any parent who is serious about developing his son's quarterback skills to explore what Coach Gregory has to offer. 

Joel Albizo - Parent

Ashburn, Virginia

NFLPA President


As a former College quarterback, 7 year NFL player and current President of the NFLPA Retired Players Chicago Chapter, I am asked to get involved with endless football camps. I have had the opportunity to work with Steve Gregory as a coach and his knowledge, attention to detail and sincere concern for each kid is why the "Retired Professional Football Players of Chicago" (RPFPC) supports Steve Gregory.

Tim Tyrrell - President, NFL Retired Players Assoc. 

Former NFL Player Atlanta Falcons 

Former College D-1 Quarterback

Chicago, IL

Parent - Oklahoma


I told my wife last night that I've probably been to more than 40 camps with Camden over the past few years. I stop and think of the hundreds of quarterbacks that I've seen at those camps.  Then I think of almost everyone of them would have killed for at least a D2 level offer.  It really puts it in perspective now with Camden having multiple offers.  I still think back to the first day we met, and Camden and I both agree. Your work him was the single most important thing we did for his development.  I'm not just saying that. We are genuinely greatful!

Chad Cargill - Parent 

High School Football Coach 

Christian Heritage Academy

Del City, OK

Parent - Illinois


6 years ago my son went to a weekly QBFarm camp. As a parent I wanted him to just learn QB technique, form and fundamentals. Well not only did he learn all of those things he learned so much more. I was so impressed by Coach Gregory we still train with him today.  

His training is focused on fundamentals, balance and quick release. It’s all those things that have made Cole a great QB, but it’s the real life talks about school, firm hand shakes with eye contact and and being a leader is what has made Cole a well rounded young man. These are things that you get on top of training, things long after football is over for my son he will carry into life. Coach Steve treats all his students like family and I’m honored that my son Cole is part of the QB FARM family. 

Arun Bhardwaj - Parent

Algonquin, IL

Parent - Illinois


My son made his decision in the 7th grade that he wanted to become a starting Varsity High School quarterback.  Being a HS Coach I knew I needed to find a specialized QB Coach that could provide a fresh voice and take him where I couldn't. I met Coach Gregory when he was speaking at a clinic and knew this was the man I wanted to coach my son.  His approach to throwing mechanics, step by step teaching methods and how he takes ownership in his students' success ("his boys"), convinced me immediately that he was the right Coach. 10 years later the success my son has enjoyed and now being a College quarterback, just re-affirms that we made the right decision.   

Bill Degnan - Parent & High School Football Coach - Willowbrook, IL


D1 College Quarterback


Since 2011, I've worked alongside Steve and the Quarterback Farm as an independent quarterback coach and the Director of Bo Jackson Football.  Having been around dozens of quarterback coaches at the high school and collegiate levels as a player and coach, I have never come across a more capable quarterback tactician than Steve Gregory.  Steve has a rare understanding of the dynamic biomechanics necessary to generate power and accuracy in a timing manner, the eye to identify the slightest mechanical inefficiencies, and the communication skills to deliver his message to an eight or eighteen-year-old.  My only regret is that I didn't meet Steve ten years earlier!  

Ryan Baise - Quarterback

University of Illinois

Parent - Illinois


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Parent - Illinois


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Parent - Illinois


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Parent - Illinois


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Parent - Illinois


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